• Document your current site's ranking including keywords, positions, industry rank. Review your competition's status and identify any additional terms that might be a hidden opportunity.
  • Review how Google is currently indexing your site and what - if any - methods your organization is currently using to keepawareness of your site fresh.
  • Assess your social media presence and identify any avenues that your organization may benefit from increased exposure from popular and industry-specific platforms. The social media world does not revolve around Facebook and Twitter alone.
  • Review your PPC history and performance.
  • Identify potential strategic relationships.


  • Create a strategic plan of modifications for your site to improve overall performance and key term targeting. From tuning of existing content, search engine submission of all content and revising keyword strategies.
  • Create a strategy for social network growth.
  • Assemble developers, designers and copywriters to create any new designs or content as required.
  • Plan for improved PPC campaigns based on findings.
  • Fine tune analytics to get the greatest accuracy before we launch.
  • Set reasonable goals.


  • Create new content that will have the greatest impact: new unique blog posts, social media updates, custom images, multi-platform marketing , promotions and strategic relationships.
  • As a developer, I can help in deploying the plan in most major web-based development languages an d infrastructures. As a team lead, I can guide other developers, designers and copywriters to meet our target deadlines and budgets.
  • Execute revised PPC campaigns.
  • Ongoing reporting, assessment and fine tuning to ensure goals are met.

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